Children Swimming and Water

Children Swimming and Water

As the summer approaches, everyone looks forward to sunny days, blue skies, and for kids, long holidays & lazy afternoons swimming, with horizons that change as they grow, by month and by year.

You can’t protect your child from every hazard, seen, or unseen, but there is an insurance that you can take out and equip your child with, and that is having your child at swimming lessons, and Continue reading “Children Swimming and Water”

Short of Houses – Limited UK Supply

Britain is Still Short of Houses

For decades after the Second World War, house building steadily produced around 300,000 houses per year. House prices rose and fell with each boom and bust of the economy, but overall gradually rose.

Social housing, in the form of council houses and flats, accounted for around half of the number homes per year being built. One of the first “privatisation” moves by the Thatcher government was the introduction of the Housing Act 1980.

This gave tenants of council houses the right to buy their homes. It gave central government a huge source of revenue, but local councils virtually stopped all social building.

The number of houses being built by the private sector could only amount to around half of the amount Continue reading “Short of Houses – Limited UK Supply”

UK Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras in the UK

Pretty well every motorist across the country is more than aware of the presence or speed cameras on our roads. Some welcome them, some are anti-them, all of us, however, have, broadly speaking come to accept them as part of today’s roadside fixtures and fittings.

The first to make an appearance in the early 90’s was the Gatso with a radar technology to determine the speed of the vehicle as it passed and if the speed triggered it, to snap a photo of the Continue reading “UK Speed Cameras”

Solar Lighting for Life, Not Just for Summer

Solar Lighting

Only a few years ago, solar lighting units were in the main a constant source of disappointment. All the promise, but none of the delivery of that promise.

It seemed that no matter what devices you chose, they never lived up the the technology hype and worked like the packaging said they would.

The issues has always been the ability of the solar panel to harness enough energy during less than ideal weather. Because the UK generally has less Continue reading “Solar Lighting for Life, Not Just for Summer”