Solar Lighting for Life, Not Just for Summer

Solar Lighting

Only a few years ago, solar lighting units were in the main a constant source of disappointment. All the promise, but none of the delivery of that promise.

It seemed that no matter what devices you chose, they never lived up the the technology hype and worked like the packaging said they would.

The issues has always been the ability of the solar panel to harness enough energy during less than ideal weather. Because the UK generally has less than ideal weather, and not enough direct sunlight to power old tech solar lighting, they just couldn’t collect enough energy during daylight hours.

Advances in technology mean that the latest versions of solar lights can successfully collect energy from daylight, even in overcast, cloudy conditions. Enough energy for the lights to work after dark for 50 – 75% of their capacity.

Cheap Solar Lighting

There is a risk involved with buying solar lights purely on price. The cheapest units tend to have substandard technology so are far less likely to work, especially in British weather.

400 LED solar lights in trees

If however you opt for more expensive solar lighting you will be buying the latest, advanced technology, capable of working in UK weather efficiently and reliably.

Choose wisely and your strings of 400 or 500 LED solar lights will give you years of consistent lighting, transforming your garden and living spaces.