Web Development for London

London Web Development

London is a country in its own right as far as business is concerned and the businesses located in the city need specialist web development to cater for their specific needs.

Web development is a combination of web design, traffic generation and visitor conversion to provide a complete package of services that any working website requires.

Web design is constantly evolving, as technology evolves and the devices used to access sites evolves and adapts to our lifestyles, the requirements of your web design alter too. Are you smartphone compatible?

HTML5 is the latest standard for coding efficient, mobile friendly websites utilises code economies that minimise load times and allow your content to render on all devices across mobile networks at near instant speeds.

The necessity for your website to load quickly can’t be over emphasised. With today’s technology, and even with extensive 4G mobile coverage across large parts of London, you can’t rely on your potential customers having the fastest connection.

At any given time, the majority of people are still only connected by 3G at best, meaning you need to web development that can handle slower connections.

Traffic Generation

Without traffic you can’t sell anything. Traffic is footfall and targeted traffic translates as people who are actively seeking what you are selling.

Web development involves implementing the metrics that allow your website to climb online in Google & be found for what you do, the goods you sell and the services you provide, rather than just being found for your company name of web address.

What is Conversion?

Conversion is expressed as a ratio of your total website visitors, divided by the amount of those visitors who make a purchase from you.

The higher your conversion rate the more income you make. Improving your conversion rate is just a process of following the SEO tutorials at DeehoSEO which guide you step by step through the whole process.

If your conversion rate is low, it indicates that you are attracting the wrong visitors or untargeted visitors, while if your conversion rate is very high it is an indicator that your product or service is too cheap.